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DERMOCALMANTE Facial Therapy - Lamdors
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Renewing, moisturizing and soothing treatment. Sensitive and delicate skin.

40 minutes of intensive care that will strengthen your skin, restoring the balance of its natural functions while freeing it of impurities.

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This special soothing hygiene treatment is indicated for sensitive and delicate skins. Ensures a perfect hygiene and renovation of the hydrolipidic mantle and complete hydration while calming actions.

Is recommended once every 28 days.

1. Preparation prior to extraction.
We're cleaning, and at the same time soothing all the skin. With a special neurorelaxing L.G.S. massage we flexibilize keratin to encourage the subsequent extraction.

2. Extraction.
With this extraction we get a deep cleansing of the pilosebaceous gland, releasing it from impurities.

3. Soothing and decongestant specific peeling.
With this special peeling treatment we polish, soften hydrate and lubricate the corneum stratum without causing congestion avoiding skin irritation. We got a stable skin, calm and smooth. We promote the epidermis renewal and the extension of youthfulness to preventing its oxidation. The skin is prepared and more permeable, facilitating the dissemination of active elements.

4. 68% hydrating penetration mask and treatment.
The natural moisturizing factor NMF recovers hydration, prepares skin for deeper treatments, and delays the natural ageing caused by ultraviolet radiation and other agents. We naturally moisturize skin deep. Hydrated skin is more protected against any irritating factor.

5. Soothing and decongestant specific penetration treatment.
After hydration, skin should be kept calm, relieved of any inflammation or irritation.

6. Hydro-protective presotherapeutic treatment.
Hydration is the mainstay that slows ageing, while protecting it from climate changes and external pollutants.

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