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Hydronutritive Firming Micro-Granulated (Neck-Décolleté-Bust) T.S.7 MICROACTIVE 1 fl oz - Lamdors

Hydronutritive Firming Micro-Granulated (Neck-Décolleté-Bust) T.S.7 MICROACTIVE 1 fl oz



DESCRIPTION: It improves skin texture, leaving it smooth and with optimal hydronutritives levels. Because of its texture, helps stimulating superficial circulation. It is ideal for face in atonic and keratinized skins. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains: 5% CLR Elastin, 2.5% CLR Collagen, 2% NMF Moisturizing Factor + Allantoin, 2% Amniotic Liquid, 0.50% Arginine Aspartate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply and penetrate through soft and continuous top to bottom movements. In the facial area straight motion from the center outward.

- 100% colorant and perfume free.
- Fights lines of expression.
- Promotes elasticity and turgor.
- Fight against premature aging.
- Promotes tissue regeneration.
- Because of its hygroscopic action ensures the emollient and moisture levels.

PRESENTATION: tube 1 fl oz, 1.66 fl oz and 3 fl oz.

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