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Antiageing Hydronutritive Regenerator T.S.6 BIOLACTING 1 fl oz - Lamdors

Antiageing Hydronutritive Regenerator T.S.6 BIOLACTING 1 fl oz



DESCRIPTION: Light texture antiageing cream with antioxidant, hydronutritive, repairing, regenerating and firming agents. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains: 2% Perhidrosqualene Oil, 1% Mucopolysaccharides, 0.50% Allantoin, 0.50% Urea, 0.50% Royal Jelly, 0.50% Meristem Extract and 0.047% Lactic Acid.

INSTRUCTIONS: Spread on hands and apply over eyes, lips, face and neck with pressure and decompression without rubbing.

- 100% colorant and perfume free.
- Special for dry and delicate skins.
- Favors a rapid regeneration.
- Fights dryness and fine flakes.
- Provides reparative actions improving skin elasticity and turgor.
- Promotes keratin dispersion.
- Rich in Vitamins B and E, Amino Acids and Embryonic Plant Extract.
- Promotes oxygenation.
- Leaves skin silky, soft and healthy.
- Non-oily texture.


PRESENTATION: tube 1 fl oz, 1.66 fl oz and 3 fl oz.

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