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Treatment cleaning, polishing and moisturizing skin.

Hydro-Hygienic treatment 40 minutes. Designed to provide hygiene and hydration the skin needs from the 1st session and also prepare for subsequent specific treatments.

With this hydro-hygienic cleaning, you'll get a free skin impurities and get the first deep water appliances care through controlled and safe penetration.

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The HYDRO-HYGIENIC Treatment includes: Cleaning soothing massage Neurorelajante LGS, smoother-water treating peeling, deep moisturizing treatment and relaxing massage hydro-shield penetration.

1. Preparation before extraction.
Our unique Massage Neurorelajante in combination with one of the formulas LGS prepare the skin for subsequent removal while the muscles relax and physical sedation provoke skin tissue.

2. Removing impurities.
We will make a soft but deep and hygienic removal of possible accumulations leaving it free of impurities.

3. Scrub decongestant, polishing and hydro-soothing.
A clean impurities rather than proceed with thinning of the skin texture leaving skin smooth and luminous.

4. Microcurrents next generation.
We ensure a natural rehydration of the tissue providing the water substances that the skin has lost patent by using LGS Multiinyector

5. Relaxing massage water.
On the treated skin, finish with a relaxing hydro-massage protector leaving a feeling of comfort, juiciness and freshness.


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