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Smart Self Tanning B.I. SMART BRONZE 4.17 fl oz - Lamdors
Smart Self Tanning B.I. SMART BRONZE 4.17 fl oz Maximize

Smart Self Tanning B.I. SMART BRONZE 4.17 fl oz



- Exfoliate skin in an even way with the Dermolise 1 and 2 Formula.
- Perform a total of 16 puffs, two applications of 8 puffs each. Apply to hands and place directly in the facial, neck and neckline areas extending it quickly and evenly.
- Remove excess from eyebrows, hair root, nose fins, spots, elbows, knees, back of ankles, knuckles, with the help of a cotton moistened with water.
- To hide wrinkles (camouflage effect), gently pass a cotton stick soaked in water on top of each one removing the product partially.
- We recommend its application at bedtime, leaving it acting overnight. The next morning, you can shower without the risk of dragging the Self-Tanner unevenly. When you shower, rub your skin evenly and gently with a washcloth every day to remove the product gradual and uniformly.
- Clean hands and brush nails with soap and water as soon as you finish.


- 100% colorant and perfume free.
- For face and body.
- Provides a very natural looking sunless Tan.
- Effects after 2 hours and approx. 4 days duration.
- Prevents skin damage and aging caused by UVA-UVB rays do not need exposure to them.
- In the case of sun exposure, use appropriate LAMDORS DERMOCLINI sunscreen S.P.50, S.P.20 or S.P.15 for your skin type.
- Non oily or sticky and quick absorption.
- We recommend the previous use of T.S.3 NMF aqueous concentrated moisturizing serum Formula.
- You can apply your L.G.S moisturizer after 4 hours once reached the ideal tone.
- Ideal for all skin types.

PRESENTATION: botte 1 fl oz and 4.17 fl oz.


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