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PLAN ANTIAGEING MULTIFUNCIONAL 5* 0.08 fl oz x 10 ampoules - Lamdors

PLAN ANTIAGEING MULTIFUNCIONAL 5* 0.08 fl oz x 10 ampoules

FORMULAS T.S.3 – X.A.30 – F.9 - T.S.8 - T.S.9

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DESCRIPTION: Combined, Complete, Progressive and Synergistic Plan Treatment, forming a logical order of application of all substances that covers the fundamental and priority needs of skin since the first signs of skin ageing.

Contains: 2 amp. each of:
- Formula T.S.3 NMF 68%: Natural Moisturizer.
- Formula X.A.30 PROVITADERM 15.20%: Antioxidant.
- Formula F.9 COMPLEX REAFERMISÁN 14%: Firming, Stimul-Regenerator.
- Formula T.S.8 BIO-EMBRIÓN+ 15%: Anti-Ageing Deep Rejuvenator.
- Formula T.S.9 SÉRUM BIOLÓGIC 20%: Regenerator and Deep Repairer.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply on skin, including eyes and lips, and pass L.G.S. equipment according topredeterminedprotocol. T.S.3 2nd session; X.A.30 3rd session; F.9 4th session and T.S.8 and then T.S.9 5th session. All formulas can be penetrated manually through pressure and decompression movements, including eyes and lips. We recommend to be applied in cycles of 7 to 8 (days), 2 times a year.

- 100 % colorant and perfume free.
- All skin types.
- It provides deep hydration and nutrition.
- Fight against cellular oxidation.
- Fights lines.
- Neutralizes free radicals.
- Adds firmness to skin.
- Improves natural skin self-defense.
- Improves skin structure, leaving it smooth, soft and velvety.
- Oil free.
- Use manually or with L.G.S equipments.

PRESENTATION: 10 ampoules of 0.08 fl oz.


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